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Cross and Candle


The Seventh Commandment - God's Yes


For this devotion a parent needs a phone that will take photos.  Before getting together take a picture of everyone's bedroom just as it is on the evening you do the devotion.


1.  Gather with your children at the kitchen table or a coffee table.


2.  Set up your cross and light your candle and say to the children:  The Bible says that Jesus is the Light of the world.


3.  Recite this litany with the children echoing the words:

  • Jesus takes away darkness.
  • Jesus is the Light
  • Because He takes away
  • The darkness of sin.

4.  Let's take a look at everyone's bedroom.  Some maynbe horrified at the way the bedroom looks but that's okay, we're family.  Pass the phone around and have everyone look at the photos.


5.  Have each person identify some of their own property seen in the photo.  Discuss its value and the condition it's in.  Does it need more care?  What could we do to take better care of some of our things?


6.  Choose one child or ask for a volunteer.  During the week ahead the whole family is going to help that child improve and/or care for his or her property by cleaning, repairing, washing clothes, helping to clean the room, or even being the reminder of what goes in the book bag or helping with the homework.  Make kind suggestions of what could be done better to care for property.


7.  Make a list of how we're all going to help that one child take care of his property for the week.  But be careful not to be condescending about it--just helpful.


8.  Maybe next week choose a different person to help.


9.  Remember that God asks more than that we not steal from each other.  He actually wants us to help improve and protect each other's property.  


10.  Let's say the seventh commandment once more:  You shall not steal.


Sing together:

     Love in Christ is strong and living, Binding faithful hearts in one:

     Love in Christ is true and giving.  May His will in us be done.

                       -LSB, 706:1


Prayer:  Lord Jesus, you have given us many gifts and blessings to take care of.  Most of all you've given us your love and mercy to care for by sharing it with others.  Help us to be thankful and to bless our family with our thankfulness.  Amen.




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