We Love You, Mrs. White!
We Love You, Mrs. White!

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an internet based reading comprehension program that Trinity is using to encourage the enjoyment of reading and improved reading skills for our students. The program lists thousands of books at many reading levels for students to read and on which to take quizzes.  Books can be checked out from our classroom, our school library, or the public library to be read for the quizzes.

At the beginning of the year and again in January students will take a STAR reading test that provides for them a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development).  This is simply a reading level that ranges, specifically for your child, from easy to challenging.  Children choose books in their reading zone to read at home or at school in spare time, and then take a comprehension quiz on the book during computer time or, sometimes, in the classroom.

Mrs. Pflughoeft, who heads the Accelerated Reader program, and is a great encourager to the children has developed an incentive program for the students and organizes announcements during chapel and treats us to a "Blow-out Bash" at the end of the year.  "Climbing levels" for Accelerated Reader in second grade are:

Copper Level - 8 points

Bronze Level - 16 points

Silver Level - 24 points

Gold Level - 32 points

Platinum Level - 40 points

There is now a Category 6 which is 64 points--a real challenge for second graders.  Most of the books they read are at .5 point or 1 point. 

Children are permitted to take quizzes on books I read to them in class or that are part of the reading curriculum or that you read to them at home.

The Accelerated Reader program has been a huge benefit to our children and I encourage parents to encourage their children to read at home every night.  You'll be glad you did!



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