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Discipline With Purpose

Throughout the second grade year the students and I will spend time studying some self-discipline skills that will help students function well with others and help them understand the expectations of parents, teachers, and other students.  A better understanding of expectations leads to a more comfortable learning environment for the students.  Most of the time when there are disruptions or disagreements among people, it's because expectations are not being met.  The skills are also connected to people or narratives found in Scripture, so the strengthening of faith is also an element of this program.




Our good example from Scripture of sharing in the narrative from John 6 about the young boy who shared his loaves and fish so that Jesus could bless thousands of hungry people.


In class we'll discuss that story and talk about the fact that the skill of sharing includes sharing:

  • Time - only one person can be listened to at a time
  • Space - hallways, between desks, and other common areas
  • People - teacher, friends, family members
  • Things - possessions, crayons, limited resources, ideas



Mission Statement

A family growing together, learning God's Word, serving our neighbor to witness Christ's love

2020/2021 School Theme


We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19





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