Welcome Back, Second Graders
Welcome Back, Second Graders

Shurley English Helps

V:  Verb - Action Word


SN:  Subject Noun - Person, Place, Thing, Idea


ADV:  Adverb - Modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb


ADJ:  Adjective - Modifies a noun or pronoun


A:  Article - There are only three:  a, an, the


SP:  Subject Pronoun - Pronoun that takes the place of a noun (he, it)


PP:  Possessive Pronoun - Pronoun that shows ownership (ie: my, his, our)


P:  Preposition - A word that shows the relationship of its object to other words in the sentence (ie: in, on, beside, around, of, upon) Hint:  Most prepositions name a "position" such as "on" the table or "in" the garden.


OP:  Object of the Preposition - the noun after the preposition


(  ):  Parenthesis mark the Prepositional Phrase:  a group of words that starts with a preposition, ends with a noun or pronoun object, and includes any modifiers of that object, including articles


/:  Divides the complete subject from the complete predicate


D:  Declarative Sentence:  a sentence that makes a statement and ends with a period.


PP:  Possessive Pronoun:  a pronoun indicating possession (for example:  mine, yours, hers, theirs)






Daily Language:  Daily Language is one of our two English curriculums.  Each day the children will have one sentence to edit and rewrite correctly.  We'll cover capitalization of the first word in a sentence, end marks, quotation marks, commas in a series, etc.  We'll start next week on the real sentences.


Shurley English:  We'll start Shurly English this week.  This is our grammar curriculum.  Each day the children will write down a sentence in their Shurley Journal and mark it with parts of speech.  We used to call this "diagraming sentences".  At the top of this page you'll see definitions for most of the parts of speech we'll cover this year.




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Theme:  God's Word Stands Forever.          "The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the Word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8       

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