Oh! The Memories!
Oh!  The Memories!

Shurley English Helps

V:  Verb - Action Work


SN:  Subject Noun - Person, Place, Thing, Idea


ADV:  Adverb - Modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb


ADJ:  Adjective - Modifies a noun or pronoun


A:  Article - There are only three:  a, an, the


SP:  Subject Pronoun - Pronoun that takes the place of a noun (he, it)


PP:  Possessive Pronoun - Pronoun that shows ownership (ie: my, his, our)


P:  Preposition - A word that shows the relationship of its object to other words in the sentence (ie: in, on, beside, around, of, upon) Hint:  Most prepositions name a "position" such as "on" the table or "in" the garden.


OP:  Object of the Preposition - the noun after the preposition


(  ):  Parenthesis mark the Propositional Phrase:  a group of words that starts with a preposition, ends with a noun or pronoun object, and includes any modifiers of that object, including articles


/:  Divides the complete subject from the complete predicate


D:  Declarative Sentence:  a sentence that makes a statement and ends with a period.




MAY 18th:


Daily Language:

Work on one sentence every day just as we do in school.  Correct the mistakes with your red pen and rewrite the sentence with your pencil.

Things you can look for on Block 17 are:

  • Capitalization of proper nouns
  • A comma between the day and the year
  • Adjectives
  • Apostrophe to show possession
  • Usage of gots/had   (Gots ?)
  • End marks
  • Capitalization and underlining book titles
  • Comma between city and state
  • Usage of their/there
  • Apostrophe in contractions
  • Separating a run-on sentence

Monday:  Block 17, #5

Tuesday:  Block 17, #6

Wednesday:  Block 17, #7

Thursday:  Block 17, #8



Shurley English:  

Work on one sentence each day as we do in school.  You won't have to write it out.  You have a "Shurley Sheet" like you have for Daily Language.  Mark all the parts of speech as we do in school.  You can use your red pen if you want to.  Your parents have a "Help Sheet" and a list at the top of this web page, in case you forget the parts of speech.

Monday:  "The magnificent..."

Tuesday:  "The suspicious detective..."

Wednesday:  "The two wild tigers..."

Thursday:  "A large military..."



Word of the Day:

These are words that likely the children will be need to understand for Reading next year.  Just talk about them briefly and ask your child to use the word in a sentence.

Monday:  Reference Materials

Tuesday:  Print

Wednesday:  Rhythm

We're done for this year!  Congratulations!





There should be enough pages left in the book to do about one side of a page each day.  When I pulled books out of desks I noticed that some of the pages in some of the books are pulled out.  It's pretty sporadic, perhaps because some work was missed because of absenteeism.  I had planned for us to have May to finish the Handwriting book but we may not go to the end of May.  We'll all just do the best we can.  When the children work on handwriting be sure they take it slowly and carefully.  At some point in 3rd grade they'll begin writing in cursive all the time.



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1 John 3:18



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