Fairy Tale Festival
Fairy Tale Festival

Math for the Week of March 1st:


Monday:  Lesson 7.3  Mental Arithmetic:  A Basketball Game.

This lesson was missed earlier and it's a good one and gives us a break from fractions.

The children will add three or more 1- and 2-digit numbers (1-20) by playing Basketball Addition.


Tuesday:  Lesson 8.3   The students will identify fractions of colletions of pennies.  They also identify equal shares and translate them into fractions.  They'll color fractional parts of a set.  Look for Home Link 8.3 today.


Wednesday:  Lesson 8.5    Equivalent Fractions Using Fraction Cards

The students will identify equivalent fractions by using Fraction Cards and playing the Equivalent Fractions Game.  Home Link 8.5 will come home today.


Thursday:  Lesson 8.6   Comparing Fractions

The children will sort Fraction Cards into three categories:  less than 1/2, greater than 1/2, and equivalent to 1/2.  Look for Home Link 8.6 today.


Friday:  Lesson 8.7   Fraction Number Stories

The children will make up and solve number stories involving fractions of collections.  Home Link 8.7 will come home today and should be returned on Monday.



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