Celebrating Young Authors
Celebrating Young Authors

Math for the Week of

May 17th:


Monday:  Lesson 11.5   Division Number Models

Children make up and solve division stories, modeling them with counters, pictures, and diagrams.  They'll use a diagram to record division story information.  Children write number models for division stories, including notation for remainders.  Look for Home Link 11.5 today.


Tuesday:  Lesson 11.6   Multiplication Facts

The students will use arrays to list multiplication facts and find products.  Home Link 11.6 should come home today.


Wednesday:  Lesson 11.7   Products Table

The children will complete a table of multiplication facts through 10 x 10.  They'll look for patterns in the table, including the turn-around rule.  Home Link 11.7 will come home today.


Thursday:  Lesson 11.8   Multiplication/Division Fact Families

The students will make up and solve division stories based on multiplication stories, using the same diagram to solve both kinds.  They'll be introduced to multiplication/division fact families.  They'll also use Fact Triangles to practice multiplication and division facts.  Look for Home Link 11.8 today.


Friday:  Lesson 11.9   Multiplication/Division Fact Practice

The children will write division stories.  They'll practice multiplication facts by playing a multiplication version of Beat the Calculator.  Home Link 11.9 should be coming home today.



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