Reading Frog and Toad as Dialogue
Reading Frog and Toad as Dialogue

Math for the Week of

Sept. 27th:


Monday:  Lesson 2.8  Explorations

Exploration A:  Childen will use a pan balance to compare weights of diffgerent objects.

Exploration B:  The students will use a spring scale to find a set of objects whose combined weight is about 1 pound.

Exploration C:  The children will develop readiness for multiplication by making equal groups of objects and finding the total.

No Home Link today!


Tuesday:  Lesson 2.9   Name Collections

The students will use name-collection boxes to write equivalent names for numbers.  They'll identify sums and differences that match a given number by playing Name That Number.  Home Link 2.9 should be coming home today.


Wednesday:  Lesson 2.10  Frames-And-Arrows Routines

The children will review Frames-And-Arrows notation and routine that were introduced in first grade, and use addition or subtraction rules to fill in frames, arrow rules, or both.  Look for Home Link 2.10 today.


Thursday:  Lesson 2.11   "What's My Rule?" Routines

The students will review the "What's My Rule?" routines and notation, use function machines to illustrate "What's My Rule?" problems by determining missing numbers or rules.  "What's My Rule?" will be explained to parents on a parent note attached to Home Link 2.11.


Friday:  Lesson 2.12   Counting Strategies for Subtraction

The children will share and solve subtraction number stories.  They'll review and practice the counting-back and counting-up strategies for subtraction and use Fact Triangles to practice "easier" subtraction facts.  Look for Home Link 2.12 today.



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