We Love You, Mrs. White!
We Love You, Mrs. White!

Math for the Week of

March 20th:




Monday:  Lesson 7.2   Four or More Addends

Children will solve an open response problem by applying place-value concepts and addition properties.  The class will discuss selected solutions.  Look for Home Link 7.2 today.


Tuesday:  Lesson 7.3   Playing Basketball Addition

The students will solve addition problems with three or more addends.

Home Link 7.3 should come home today.


Wednesday:  Lesson 7.4   Measuring With Yards

The children will explore U.S. customary length unit and measure to the nearest yard.  Home Link 7.4 will come home today.


Thursday:  Lesson 7.5   Measuring With Meters

The students will find personal references for metric units of measure.  They'll choose appropriate units and tool to estimate and measure lengths.  Look for Home Link 7.5 today.


Friday:  Lesson 7.6   Generating Data:  Standing Jumps and Arm Spans

The children will measure lengths to the nearest centimeter and the nearest inch.  No Home Link today.



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Theme:  God's Word Stands Forever.          "The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the Word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8       

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