We Play Kahoot on Fridays!
We Play Kahoot on Fridays!

Math for the Week of

Sept. 28th:



Monday:  Lesson 2.8   Exploring Weights, Scales, Equal Groups

Exploration A:  The children will use a pan balance to compare weights of different objects.

Exploration B:  The students will use a spring scale to find a set of objects whose combined weight is about 1 pound.

Exploration C:  The children will develop readiness for multiplication by making equal groups of objects and finding the total.

Look for Home Link 2.8 today.


Tuesday:  Lesson 2.9    Name Collections

The children will use name-collection boxes to write equivalent names for numbers.  They identify sums and differences that match a given number by playing Name That Number.  Home Link 2.9 will come home today.


Wednesday:  Review Day

In grading Math Journals this past weekend I found that while some of the students are doing well, many are struggling with some concepts that will be coming up on the assessment next week.  We need to review.  Some students may do a 3rd grade math project independently while I work with those who need a little extra help.


Thursday:  Lesson 2.10   Frames-and-Arrows Routines

The students will review the Frames-and-Arrows notation and routines that were introduced in first grade, and use addition or subtraction rules to fill in frames, arrow rules, or both.  Home Link 2.10 will come home today.


Friday:  Lesson 2.11    "What's My Rule?" Routines

The children will review "What's My Rule?" routines and notation, use function machines to illustrate "What's My Rule?" tables, and solve "What's My Rule?" problems by determining missing numbers or rules.  Look for Home Link 2.11 today.



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