Autumn Leaves While the Snow Flies
Autumn Leaves While the Snow Flies



Monday:  Lesson 3.8   Coin Exchanges

The children will identify the coins and bills that can be used to make a purchase under $1.00.  They'll practice making change with nifckels, dimes, and quarters by pretending to buy items from a milk and juice vending machine.  Look for Home Link 3.8 today.


Tuesday:  Lesson 3.9   Progress Check 3

Students will be assessed on the concepts of Unit 3 in three ways:

1.  Self Assessment

2.  Written Assessment

3.  Open Response

Today a Family Letter explaining the concepts of Unit 4 will be sent home.


Wednesday:  Review Day

We'll go back and touch on all the big concepts since the beginning of the year.  We especially need to practice basic addition and subtraction facts up to 18 if we want to be ready for renaming in addition very soon.


Thursday:  Lesson 4.1   Change-to-More Number Stories

The children will be introduced to the change diaghram for recording known and missing information in change-to-more number stories.  They'll then solve change-to-more number stories, idsplaying the information in change diagrams.  Look for Home Link 4.1 today.


Friday:  Lesson 4.2    Parts-and-Total Number Stories

The students will be introduced to the parts-and-total diagram for recording known and missing information in number stories that involve combining quantities (parts) to find a total.  They'll solve parts-and-total number stories, displaying information in parts-and-total diagrams.  Home Link 4.2 should come home today.



Mission Statement

A family growing together, learning God's Word, serving our neighbor to witness Christ's love

2019/2020 School Theme


Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18



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