Celebrating Young Authors
Celebrating Young Authors


Why Do I Have to Clean My Room?

Why do I have to clean my room

When I would rather play?

The crayons scattered on the floor

Are hardly in the way.

I almost never trip upon

my basketball or drums

and I don't pay attention

to the cake and cookie crumbs.


Why do I have to clean my room?

I think my room looks nice.

There's pizza in the corner,

But it's only half a slice.

I'm not at all concerned about

The gravy on the chair,

My piles of model planes and trains,

My stacks of underwear.


I will admit some bits of clay

Are sticking to the wall.

I scarecely even notice them

And do not mind at all.

Beneath my there's just a wedge

Of last week's apple pie,

and yet I have to clean my room...

I simply don't know why.









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