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(During our school day we do one sentence of Daily Language each day, looking for errors in the sentence, correcting them with a red pen, and then rewriting the sentence correctly.  I encourage you to do it similarly at home.)


Block 12:

Monday:  #6

Tuesday:  #7

Wednesday:  #8

Thursday: #9 (Treat it as a pre-test and don't offer help.)

Friday:  #10 (Assessment; Done independently)



(This is done similarly to Daily Language but the sentences are not rewritten.  Mark the parts of speech above each word in the sentence.  Do one each day.)



(Again, do just one side of a page each day.  Write slowly and carefully.  If you think your child should slow down or could do a better job have him or her erase the work and do it again.)



(The best thing your child can do right now is read books and take AR quizzes as much as possible.  Below I'll give a lesson for each day this week.  Writing can also can continue.  Next time you come in your child's writing folder will also be on his or her desk.  They can work on their endangered animal pop-up book and there will be more suggestions in the future.  If your child just wants to write (and this class loves to write) let them write the rough draft, you edit it, and rewrite it into a publishable copy,)


Monday 3/30:  "Telling a Story"

1.  Read through pages 94 & 95 and discuss the story of Cinderella from our fairy tale unit.

2.  r-Controlled Vowels:  er, ir, ur, - pages 96 & 97

3.  My Words to Know - page 98

4.  Perfect! - page 99


Tuesday 3/31:  "Interstellar Cinderella"

1.  Traditional Tales:  Folktales - page 100

2.  Folktale Anchor Chart - page 101 (This is important for the children to understand.  It will most likely be on the third grade IRead test.)

3.  "Interstellar Cinderella" - pages 102-116

Review the information on page 102 and then read the story to your child having him or her read along with their eyes and fingers if you like.  Discuss points along the way,


Wednesday 4/1:  "Interstellar Cinderella" & "Gendrillon:  An Island Cinderella

1.  Have your child reread the story.  Stop periodically to ask comprehension and vocabulary questions.

2.  Preview Vocabulary - page 116

3.  Read "Gendrillon:  An Island Cinderella" to your child while he or she reads along with eyes and finger.

4. Ask comprehension and vocabulary questions.

5.  Have your child reread "Gendrillon:  An Island Cinderella" independently.


Thursday 4/2:  "Telling a Story" Unit

1.  Develop Vocabulary - page 126

2.  Check for Understanding - page 127

3.  Compare and Contrast Stories - page 128

4.  Vizualize Details - page 129 (Don't worry about the highlighting unless you've already done it.)


Friday 4/3:  "Telling a Story" Unit

1.  Reflect and Share - page 130

2.  Academic Vocabulary - page 131

3.  Spelling Words with r-Controlled Vowels - page 133

4.  Irregular Verbs - page 134

5.  Simile - page 135

6.  Alliteration - page 136

7.  You won't be able to do pages 137 & 138





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Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

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