What Can Air Do?
What Can Air Do?

Reading for the Week of January 25th:


Monday:  Pearson:  "Our Tradition"

1. Read "Our Tradition" (a review)

2. /s/ sound spelled /c/

3. My Words to Know vocabulary

4. Spell Words with /s/ sound spelled /c/

5. "Celebrate at School" This is practice writing a persuasive letter for starting a new tradition at the school.


Tuesday:  Pegasus:  "The Ugly Duckling"

1. Students will listen to "Hansel and Gretel" read to them, categorize it according different fairy tale types, and write a response in their Fairy Tale Journal.

2. Vocabulary for pages 1-8 of "The Ugly Duckling" (burdock, patience, parson).

3.  Teacher will read pages 1-8 to the class.

4.  Students will reread in Reading Circles.


Wednesday:  Pearson:  "Our Tradition"

The childen will do two different assessments for Unit 3 of the Pearson curriculum.  We haven't done assessment for this curriculum yet but not it's the second half of the year and time to challenge ourselves.

1. Cold Reads (with comprehension questions)

2. Progress Check-Up

If time permits students will read in Reading Circles and/or work in Writer's Workshop.


Thursday:  Pegasus:  "The Ugly Duckling"

1. Another fairy tale will be read to students, they'll categorize it, and write about it in their response journals.

2. Vocabulary for pages 10-15 of "The Ugly Duckling" (peculiar, drake, charming, weary)

3. Pages 10-15 will be read to students.

4. Students will reread these pages in Reading Circles.


Friday:  Houghton/Mifflin:  "Officer Buckle and Gloria"

1.  Students will practice vocabulary on practice book pages.

2. We'll read "Officer Buckle and Gloria"

3. Kahoot game on this story,

4. Leveled Readers done independently in Reading Circle groups,



Mission Statement

A family growing together, learning God's Word, serving our neighbor to witness Christ's love

2020/2021 School Theme


We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19





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