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Reading for the Week of

October 20th:



Tuesday:  Pegasus:  "The Long Way to a New Land"

1.  We'll start by reviewing the first chapter and checking for comprehension.

2.  The children will begin a routine of writing in their "Yesterday" journal as if they are Carl Erik and traveling to a new land as an immigrant.  How do they feel?  What are their experiences?

3.  The students will also begin the routine of making a time line for each of the chapters in the book.  The time line will have three parts and record the events of the story.


Wednesday:  Pearson:  "A Home on the Prairie"

1.  We'll read about "grassy places".

2.  Phonics on long a:  ai, ay, ea

3.  My Words to Know vocabulary

4.  Students will read the selection, "A Home on the Prairie" and we'll check for understanding.


Thursday:  Pegasus: "The Long Way to a New Land"

1.  Making predictions about Chapter 2.

2.  I'll read Chapter 2, "Good-bye to Sweden" and students will reread in Reading Circles.

3.  Children will write a new title for Chapter 2.


Friday:  Houghton/Mifflin:  "Around the Pond:  Who's Been Here?"

1.  We'll have some practice book pages on vocabulary and phonics.

2.  I'll read the story to the children and they'll reread in Reading Circles.

3.  Leveled Readers and comprehension worksheets done independently in small groups.

4.  Kahoot




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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

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