Oh! The Memories!
Oh!  The Memories!

Reading for the Week of 

May 18th



 "The Living World:  Deserts" by Dr. Clive Catchpole


"The Living World:  Deserts" is a nonfiction book about desert life written in a simple and interesting style and illustrated by Brian McIntyre's realistic art work.  Students will immediately discover commonalities and differences among deserts.  They'll learn that there are several different kinds of deserts and that not all deserts are hot.  The children will also discover how the desert can support a wide variety of plant and animal life despite the need for water to survive.  We'll be taking a quick trip through this book for the last two weeks of the school year.


Monday:  "Reptiles"

There are two pages on reptiles in your book.  The first has a picture of snakes and a kangaroo rat.  Read both pages.  Some interesting words are:  limbless, sidewinder, trait, frilled, technique.  Make notes on the little reptile page in your folder about some things you learned on these two pages.  You can work on Desert Disguises #3 and #10.


Tuesday:  "Mammals"

There is only one page on mammals in your book.  It has a picture of a jerboa and a fox.  Read through this page.  Make sure you understand all the words like:  tolerant, avoid, burrows, jerboa, consume.  Take some notes on what you learned on the little mammal page in your folder.


Wednesday:  "Birds"

There is only one page about birds in your book.  It has a picture of flying vultures and a sand grouse.  Read through this page.  Some words to pay attention to are:  breast feathers, soaring, prey, rarely.  Take some notes on what you learned and write them on the little bird page from your folder.  You can do Desert Diguises #13 today.


Thursday"  "Amphibians"

There is only one page on amphibians in your book but please read that page and the last one which is on plants in the desert.  Do you know what the word "emerge" means?  After reading please take a few notes about amphibians on your little amphibian book in your folder.  The last Desert Disguises mystery is #4.


Thank you students and parents, for all your dedication and hard work in reading during these last weeks at home.  Congratulations to the several of you who have made extra points on AR!  That's a great accomplishment!

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