Vincent Van Gogh "Sunflowers"
Vincent Van Gogh "Sunflowers"

Reading for the Week of April 12th:


Monday:  Pearson:  "Introducing Landforms" Assessment

1.  Cold Reads

        "Helping Lemurs"

        "Baby Whales"

        "Real Flying Cars"

2.  Progress Check-up


Tuesday:  Pegasus:  "The Chalk Box Kid"

1.  Students will create new reading folders

2.  We'll discuss the book and I'll read the first chapter, "The Room".

3.  Students will reread in Reading Circles

4.  Students will write a Chapter Summary for "The Room".


Wednesday:  Pearson:  "How Water Shapes the Earth"

1.  We'll read a short story, "The Grand Canyon"

2.  Phonics:  Double Consonants

3.  Vocabulary:  "My Words to Know"

4.  Another short story, "The Changing River"

5.  Informational Text Anchor Chart

6.  I'll read the long text to the students, "How Water Shapes the Earth".

7.  Students will reread in Reading Circles


Thursday:  Pegasus:  "The Chalk Box Kid"

1.  QARs for Chapter 1, "The Room"

2.  "A Word a Day" dictionary practice

3.  Map of My Own Bedroom 

4.  Writer's Workshop


Friday:  Houghton/Mifflin:  "Jalapeno Bagels"

1. Reading Practice pages for contractions, -le endings, and vocabulary.

2. I'll read "Jalapeno Bagels" to the children.

3. Students reread in Reading Circles.

4. Leveled Readers and Comprehension Pages

5. Kahoot







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