Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread Houses


Second Graders will have a spelling test on Friday each week.  The words are given to the students in the Newletter on Monday.  We practice in class and students are expected to practice at home as well.  The spelling test is the only paper that receives a letter grade and that's only to give the students a little taste of that type of grading.  A bonus word which the children will not know ahead of time is given on each test that, if spelled correctly, can lead to an A+ or can knock out another misspelled word.  Grades on the report card are based, not only on the spelling book work and test grades, but on how the students apply what they've learned in spelling to their daily writing tasks.



Spelling Words for the Week of January 6th:


(Objectives for the words of Unit 16 are that students read, identify spelling patterns, and write words with long /o/ spelled /o/, /oa/, and /ow/.  The test will be on Friday, January 10th.)


old         know           road           cold             grow

hold       low              told             own             coat



Mission Statement

A family growing together, learning God's Word, serving our neighbor to witness Christ's love

2019/2020 School Theme


Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18



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